1) DESIGNATION OF REPRESENTATIVE:  I hereby authorize Cobra Consulting Group, LLC. (Cobra) to process my application for a property tax assessment reduction in 2018 for the applicable tentative assessment roll, to represent me before the Board of Assessment Review (Assessment Review Commission in Nassau County) and/or Small Claims Assessment Review pursuant to my rights guaranteed by NYS Property Tax Law, and to negotiate any settlement of my claim.

2) FEES:  I have read and understand that I will pay Cobra forty (40%) percent of the first year’s tax savings that it obtains for my property.

I agree (i) to pay Cobra within 30 days of receiving official notification of reduction; (ii) to pay such fees even if I sell or move out of the subject property; (iii) to pay reasonable collection/attorney’s fees incurred by Cobra and 1% interest per month on the amount due should I fail to pay fees due within 30 days. Should my case require an appeal, a Court imposed filing fee ($30) will apply.

3) ELIGIBILITY:  I understand that only A) a person named in the County records as a homeowner (if there is more than one owner, only one owner need sign); or B) that person’s authorized agent; or C) a person who has contracted to buy a home; or D) the estate of a deceased homeowner, is eligible under law to receive a property tax refund. If you are not in any of these categories, you will not be able to receive a property tax refund and should not sign this agreement. I hereby represent that by signing below I am one of the persons listed within these categories.

4) NOTIFICATIONS:  I am not required by law to use a tax reduction service to apply for a reduction in assessment. I understand that I may cancel this application/retainer with Cobra, in writing, with no penalty or obligation by the later of 10 days of signing this agreement, January 2, 2018 or the day prior to the date on which Cobra files my Application for Correction with ARC. In the event that Cobra must withdraw my application due to client cancellation, I understand that a $150 cancellation fee will apply. Cobra will make reasonable effort to communicate the terms of any offer of settlement made in the course of these proceedings. Cobra is an independent company & not affiliated with any municipality.

I have agreed to the terms and conditions and agree to have Cobra Consulting Group, LLC file my Property Tax Grievance.