Lower your taxes by filing a Nassau county tax grievance

Filing for a Nassau property tax reductionhas become a norm. If you are not already on the bandwagon then it is time that you jumped on. It is a known fact that property holders who do not file for Long Island property tax reduction see their property taxes increase year after year.

If you have neighbors who pay Nassau county property tax and file tax grievance every year, you would notice that their taxes tend to get lowered. This is all to be blamed on the system.

Nassau county property tax is calculated in such a way that the burden of lowered taxes falls onto the tax payers who do not file for a grievance. This means that if you have not been filing Long Island tax grievance then you are paying inflated taxes.

A record number of property tax payers have filed for Long Island property tax grievance. Almost 2/3rd of property owners have had their grievances accepted with a positive reply.

If this is your first time as a property owner to file for a grievance, then there are a number of things you need to take care of: –

  • Paperwork

Maximum Long Island tax grievance applications are rejected because of improper paperwork. The tax authorities will repeatedly ask you to file for you tax grievance yourself, stating that paperwork is very simple. Do not fall into this trap. A minor error on your Long Island tax grievance paperwork will have your claim rejected.


  • Assessment

Now, this is a tricky part. How will you calculate the tax amount to be filed as Nassau property tax reduction? You can’t go too low or too high in calculating this amount. One of the things you need to know is that even if your Long Island property tax reduction is not accepted, there is no way that your will increase. The rules are very clear that taxes can only be lowered and not hiked when it comes to filing a tax reduction.


  • Deadlines

Last but not the least; you need to be double sure to keep the deadlines straight. Now, it can be difficult in your busy lives of managing a property, job or children to remember deadlines. But, if you miss the deadline to file a reduction on your Nassau county property tax for that period, then you cannot file it at all.

While thinking of filing for a reduction on your Long Island property tax reduction it is advisable that you hire knowledgeable experts who know what they are doing. There are many consulting groups who do not even charge an upfront fee. They take a percentage of whatever they help you save.