3 myths Busted For Nassau County Tax Grievance

At Cobra Consulting Group we across many people who do not appreciate filing for a Nassau property tax reduction. After systematic observations and consultation we understood that their reluctance was based on unfounded myths. There are many websites in place who tend to scare clients into submission. However, that is not the way of Cobra Consulting. Here are top 3 myths regarding Long Island property tax reduction and the truth behind them.

Myth 1:

Nassau county property tax or Long Island property tax can go up after an appeal is put across.

Truth 1:

It is ridiculous to say that after filing for a Nassau county tax grievance, the authorities might increase the tax. As per the New York City law to increase tax amount payable after a Long Island tax grievance is filed, is against the rules. Appealing is your right and the law sees it that way. In reality, if your taxes are actually lowered after a filing, the property value increases in the market. This is because prospective property buyers will find lower taxes most lucrative.

Myth 2:

Property tax is after reasonable assessment

Truth 2:

Though, this is correct quite the number of times, there are a few ways that a property might not be reasonably assessed. It is in your interests to file for Long Island tax grievance in case your property falls under this category. You do not want to pay high taxes when you do not have to. The local government sends property information regarding your assessment through mail. Unfortunately, many a times, the lot size, room types and other basic information regarding your property might be mistyped. To rule out this possibility it is always in your interest to file for Nassau county tax grievance.

Myth 3:

Nassau county property tax appeals are never won

Truth 3:

It is true that tax appeals are difficult to win, however with the right representation you can get the best tax refund deal possible. Nassau county property tax appeals are the easiest win. Really, studies show that out of every 4 appeals filed, 3 are won in favor of Nassau county tax grievance. After receiving your assessment papers there is a set time within which you can file for a Nassau property tax reduction grievance. Once you set the ball rolling, the outcome is usually in your favor as long as all paperwork is in order.

There are many benefits for filing for a tax reduction in all counties of New York City. Filing for Nassau property tax reduction is your right and in your best interests. Do not let an opportunity slip through your hands even if you have been unsuccessful before. Hire a good consultant who would not charge any upfront fee.